A List Of The Most Amazing History Extended Essay Topics

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Writing an essay on the most amazing history extended can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you begin to have an idea it makes doing the project very easy. Soon you will see that thinking of your own title is fast yet simple. You just need to be a strong minded person, because it can take a while to think of a good title that suits you. Just have in mind that it is better to take notes at this stage, since it will be difficult to think of something from the top of your head. Reading this article to the end will inform you a lot on how to come up with your own title. With that mindset here is a list of the most amazing history extended essay topics.

  • The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
  • How were the pyramids built, and were they really built by humans?
  • World War 2 and all technological advances.
  • What would happen if the United States didn’t launch nuclear missiles at Japan?
  • How did world hunger begin?
  • Alexander the great and the rise of his empire
  • How long will it take for humans to populate other planets?
  • The industrial centaury
  • When did mass pollutions start happening, and how can we fix it?
  • How will people from 1000 years from now look at us?
  • Is it possible to time travel back to any point you want?
  • The civil war in the United States
  • How did World War 1 end?
  • What were the traditions of the Vikings?
  • Banking in America and other country’s
  • How did technology shape the world in the year of 1969?
  • Was the moon landing faked or was it real?
  • Who were the first people to go out of earth’s orbit?
  • Why did World War 2 happen?

Those are just a few of many titles, which you can use yourself. When thinking of your own title make sure that you will enjoy doing the project, otherwise you will be less productive and positive. Also, you could pick a title that you don’t have much knowledge about but you know you will like, but have in mind that you will have to do the research that is required.