8 Fundamental Guidelines For Composing An Argumentative Essay

8 Fundamental Guidelines For Composing An Argumentative Essay

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When you are given an argumentative essay as part of your homework, you may not even understand the term what an argumentative essay or thesis is all about:

An argumentative dissertation only stands out of the pile of dissertations written, when the freelance topic was chosen is relevant to the subject or today’s world. Here are some guidelines for writing freelance argumentative essays:

  1. It should be written such that the writing style should have an easy flow to it, and the points should be conveyed in a very seamless manner. It should not appear choppy or segmented.
  2. The dissertation topic should be worthy of an argument. If it is a directive or if it is too vague or even if it is black and white, it will not be logical to discuss the topic even.
  3. Both points of view should be well expressed. Even if the writer is biased to one point of view, still the other viewpoint needs to be explained and reasoned out.
  4. In case the writer is not able to present both sides with equal points, the side that is favored should be so mentioned with reasons and logic to support the viewpoint. The points should be short and should not beat around the bush.
  5. The proactive and crucial points should be well emphasized. Dynamic segments should be asserted and not only the theoretical aspects. People identify better with a practical approach rather than a theoretical one.
  6. There should be a firm conclusion so that the reader is not left feeling empty and cheated. The thesis should not end with an assumption, or it should not end with a supposition.
  7. There should be solutions offered for both sides of the argument. These solutions add energy to the system and make the thesis easier to identify with and more readable as well.
  8. The best argumentative essays can only be written if you are passionate about the topic and the subject as well as are knowledgeable and have researched as well as done your homework with regards both sides of the coin.

With passion as well as enthusiasm, it is only the depth of the research which adds credibility to the dissertation, and that is one of the major requirements in order to write an article worthy of getting the best grade in the class and probably for the entire term.

A Tried And Tested Strategy To Compose An Expository Essay

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Essay writing is an undertaking students will always partake on. However, when it comes to variations with regard to types of writing, students then starts to experience varying degree of challenges. For example, there is that student who is good at writing creative writing while another one is well with expository writing. Definitively, expository writing have a similar function with informative writing except that when crafting them, you do so from an angle suggesting that your prospective readers know nothing about the topic you are writing on.

While there is a close semblance with regard to how one is supposed to write an expository essay and informative essay. However, it should be noted that when it comes to crafting an expository essay, there are tested working strategies students should employ. The question to this end then is, which strategy are you employing whenever you are assigned expository writing? Has it always delivered good grades at the end of the day? Well, before you can craft an expository article, it is imperative that you indentify a strategy that has helped many achieve good grades and then use it in writing your own essay. While you will come across plenty of the so called strategies, it is important that you narrow down to what will work for you and for the long term. To help you go about this, this post takes a look at a tried and tested strategy that will help you craft high quality and even award winning expository literary pieces, so read on for details or contact My Custom Essay.

Emphasize on a good topic

When it comes to writing an expository literary piece, it is not always about putting things down on paper arbitrarily. On this premise, organization is pivotal and it starts with a good topic. Sometime topics students come up for expository pieces do not measure up to that level and so, a little guide on how one ought to look it is paramount. Once you have had a good grasp of topic creation concept and good topic prompts, you can proceed to craft something phenomenal. Never overlook the need for a good and ideal topic for it may just undermine your good writing at the end of the day.

Plan your writing

Planning is a stage that is very important in literary composition because at the very least, it helps you put facts together, drawn an ideal outline and write accordingly.

Professional Piece Of Advice On How To Write A Short Essay About Yourself

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Creating an essay about yourself can be a fun project to get started on, but if you have no concept of how to do it then it can be troublesome. The point of this article is to help you get going from day 1 and for that to happen you need to pay attention. Otherwise you might struggle to get any momentum early on. Therefore, understand that if you need to create a short essay about yourself then reading the content below will be great.

Be as specific as you can

It would help you a lot if you were able to select a specific thing about yourself that you are going to write about. If you’re able to do that then you’ll see that having clarity and a sense of focus in the work that you do will be much better.

Whatever you do not attempt to write about your whole life, because as you might have noticed this has to be a short piece. So take a very small snippet of your life and create an essay about that.

Potential topics to write about

Here is a list of ideas that can be used when you are going to write about yourself:

  • The first memory that you have ever had
  • The first kiss that you have ever had
  • The first camping trip that you went on with your family
  • The hardest piece of homework that you have ever had to complete
  • The sport that you feel you are the most passionate about
  • The worst person you have ever met and why
  • The best person you have ever met and why
  • Your favorite piece of clothing you have ever owned
  • The funniest event that you have ever witnessed in person

The potential ideas mentioned above is just a place that can be used as a starting point. Hopefully, they will spark off some new ideas in your head so that you can come up with even more ideas down the road. As a result getting started in this project and ones like it should not be that hard to accomplish.

If you feel that you get stuck there are plenty of resources and examples of how other students have completed work based on themselves. Take a peek at these to get the right kind of insights into what you need to do.

How To Find A Well-Written Cause And Effect Essay Example

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On you search for a well-written cause and effect essay example you have to keep a few things in mind. By doing so your ability to find the prefect one for your needs will dramatically increase you will also realize that it is not that hard to find the correct one when you have the correct approach. So continue to read for some insight in to how you should look for a good quality cause and effect essay example:

  • Look for a good one: do not settle for a poor quality one as that will be counterproductive. Ensure that you find a high quality one so that you can use it for you project if a poor one is used then the final grade of your project might suffer.
  • Relevant topic: ensure that the example you locate is of the same or a very similar topic that you wish to work on. You have to understand that if an irrelevant topic is selected, then that will negatively impact your final grade. You have to strike a balance sometimes and this is one of those cases.
  • Look at directories: one of the best places to go for a lot of help is to go to the directories. You’ll see so much choice there that at first it is very easy to become overwhelmed. So make sure that you go to a category that is relevant to you and then find some great examples.
  • Stick to the outline: to make your project easy it makes sense to stick to the outline as closely as you can. If you go in random directions then that will have a negative flow to your work.
  • Use only one outline: even though there are many different outlines out there it makes sense to sue only one for the majority of your work. Otherwise you will struggle to get your work done in a manner that is coherent.
  • How to use an outline: do you not understand how to use an essay example correctly? Then you should look for a fellow student or a professor for some help. They can get you to the finish line if you have had some trouble thus far. Just make sure you are not asking the wrong person for help.

Helpful Advice On Getting A University Economics Essay Example

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Are you having a difficult time looking for an economics essay example, but having no luck? In these next few paragraphs you will find out where you can visit to get top notch samples with ease. You just need to take your time, because getting the right sample can just be moments away. Also, not all the methods will work for you, but all it takes is to learn one method and use it effectively. Read this article from top to bottom to find out where you can go searching. So without further ado here is some helpful advice on getting a university economics essay examples.

Go on the World Wide Web

The internet is wonderful full of content and information, but if you don’t know how to use it correctly then it is pointless to you. However, when you know where to go and what to look for it makes searching for samples really easy. You just need to know the places to look, since there are so many it is easy to get lost. Here are just a few methods, which you can use.

  • Use search engines to find what you need: search engines are perfect at what they do, which is show you the best information first. Only use the popular search engines, because they are better programmed so it is a lot easier for them to find the content you need. Make sure to type in the right keyword, since the whole system is based on keywords.
  • Use economic forums: you can go on a forum and ask for a sample, but have in mind if you want to get a reply you must post on an active forum. However, you can search in the forums to see if your question hasn’t been asked by somebody else, which will save you time as you can just look at what people replied.
  • Look at your university website: take a look at your school website as most of them have a homework section where you can find project samples. Try to find one the is a little related to your topic to make the project easier to do, thus making it a lot easier to get a good grade.

A List Of The Most Amazing History Extended Essay Topics

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Writing an essay on the most amazing history extended can be extremely difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you begin to have an idea it makes doing the project very easy. Soon you will see that thinking of your own title is fast yet simple. You just need to be a strong minded person, because it can take a while to think of a good title that suits you. Just have in mind that it is better to take notes at this stage, since it will be difficult to think of something from the top of your head. Reading this article to the end will inform you a lot on how to come up with your own title. With that mindset here is a list of the most amazing history extended essay topics.

  • The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
  • How were the pyramids built, and were they really built by humans?
  • World War 2 and all technological advances.
  • What would happen if the United States didn’t launch nuclear missiles at Japan?
  • How did world hunger begin?
  • Alexander the great and the rise of his empire
  • How long will it take for humans to populate other planets?
  • The industrial centaury
  • When did mass pollutions start happening, and how can we fix it?
  • How will people from 1000 years from now look at us?
  • Is it possible to time travel back to any point you want?
  • The civil war in the United States
  • How did World War 1 end?
  • What were the traditions of the Vikings?
  • Banking in America and other country’s
  • How did technology shape the world in the year of 1969?
  • Was the moon landing faked or was it real?
  • Who were the first people to go out of earth’s orbit?
  • Why did World War 2 happen?

Those are just a few of many titles, which you can use yourself. When thinking of your own title make sure that you will enjoy doing the project, otherwise you will be less productive and positive. Also, you could pick a title that you don’t have much knowledge about but you know you will like, but have in mind that you will have to do the research that is required.

Best Places To Look For Free Templates Of Descriptive Essays

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Descriptive essays allow you to use all of your five sense to describe an object, person, place, or event. That is why it is important that you properly know how to describe what you are writing about and some people might not know how to do that themselves, so they turn to examples to help them. Examples of this kind of writing assignment can help you figure out the best way to write your own paper. And there are many places out there where you can find these examples for free. Here is a list of some of the best places that you can go to find them.

Where to Find Descriptive Essay Examples

  • Just Google them. There are thousands of examples of descriptive papers that can be found online. You can find them on writing service websites, school websites, and homework helps websites. They usually tell you how to do it and give you examples that you can compare it to and this is all free.
  • Visiting your school and local library can help you get examples but you have to find them a little differently. The library will have books on how to write these kinds of papers and you will have to look at them and find the examples that are in the book. And the worst that you will have to do to have free access to these books is to get a library card.
  • Ask your school if they have a database of all past students work. Some schools now are keeping databases of their past students work, to ensure that they aren’t reused by other students and as a teaching tool for future students. This is a good way to read examples of this kind of essay from students that passed the class and you might even get some ideas on how to write your own.

Using examples of papers is a great way to learn how to write a certain kind of paper and they are also a great resource to help you pick your topic. You can see what others have written about and you can then get an idea of what you might write about on your own. All of these resources are free the first one is the easiest to use because the Internet holds all of this information, you just have to go out and find it.

How To Create A Top Notch Essay?

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Write my paper is a common service students use for all kinds of academic paper assignments. Writing is a challenging task as it requires time and skills. Due to lack of time and good writing skills, students fail to handle the pressure and seek write my paper services. They hire experts to manage their assignment, looking forward to excellent results.


ricbookstore.org offers best write my paper services at reasonable rates. When you use your services, payment will only be made after the paper has been completed, and according to your expectations. We also provide you sample papers for free. We provide different academic papers such as thesis papers, report papers, term papers, research papers among others.

  • Custom essay

Our skilled, eligible and most qualified writers produce premium custom essays within shortest period. We value fast delivery.

  • Writing essay

Essay is a form of academic writing you compose, about a particular topic. It is written in prose, mostly five to fifteen pages long.

  • Types of essays

This type of essay explains the cause and effect of something.

When writing a comparison essay, you are required to give similarities and differences of two things.

Argumentative or persuasive essay

This kind of essay states your own opinion about something and it’s supported with evidence to convince the reader.

Expository or explanatory essay

You are expected to explain and analyze something when writing this kind of essay.

Before writing an essay, preparation is always important in order to produce excellent work.

  • Essay preparation
  1. Choose an appropriate topic in accordance to the question.
  2. Determine the type of essay you are going to write according to the question.
  3. Assemble all sources of information you will require.
  4. Outline your essay plan.
  • Essay structure

Essay paper has three parts namely introduction, body and conclusion.

You are first required to introduce the topic to the reader briefly.  You can  use question, a provocative quotation and a dramatic example in introduction.

Explain all your thoughts in this part. Give your points in paragraphs, starting with a topic sentence. Always use passive voice and appropriate transitional words.

Give summary of your introduction and body then make a prediction. Give solutions and resolutions relating to the topic.

Free English Essay Writing Help

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Writing English essays is common for students studying English as a major. One of the most common English essays students write include literature essays. English literature essays may require students to analyze a book, a play, poem or write creative works. All of which are not easy. As such, students must hone their writing skills through utilizing all possible means. Some of the sources include free English essays from reliable writing services like ricbookstore.org.


Buy essays designed to help you meet your academic goals. Compared to writing in other fields of specialization, writing English literature essays is more demanding as far as application of linguistic skills is concerned. Writers are tasked to demonstrate  mastery of English language, but that is not all. Students need also to know fundamental aspects such as the history of English, how writers at a certain time have contributed to the modern development in English etc.

Realize that while students in other fields may be allowed to make a slight linguistic error in writing their assignments, students writing English literature essays must be perfect. Therefore, you must also use perfect free English essays for learning purposes when you have to. At ricbookstore.org, you will find perfect essays at request.

Using free English literature essays

Although free English essays are used by students for learning purposes, it is also worth noting that unscrupulous custom writing services also use them to attract customers. If you need assistance in any task, DO NOT consider free things; the quality is usually compromised. Question the reliability of a custom writing service promising free English essays or essays that are slightly modified. No matter how quality they may look, there is a problem somewhere.

Below are characteristics of acceptable examples of English literature essays:

  • Have a relevant topic
  • It is accurate and precise
  • Perfectly edited and proofread
  • Ideas are cohesive and comprehensive
  • They are properly structured and formatted

Every claim raised in the paper must be supported by facts from relevant sources

When you need not refer to free English essays for guidance, the following steps are helpful in writing English literature essays among other English assignments.

Select a suitable topic- in advance level of writing instructors will most likely not assign topics. You may consider a topic your instructor spent enough topic addressing.

  • Understand the characteristics of a good essay as noted above
  • Understand the question
  • List all possible ideas for addressing your topic
  • Classify the ideas into introduction, body and conclusion

Write the English essay

Proofreading and edit Oder essays from experts at affordable rates. Even in the presence of all materials required to write good English literature essays, sometimes writing the essay is difficult due to factors such as writer’s block or time limitation. To avoid penalties due to failure to submit assignments within the deadline or substandard assignments, seek for professional writing help at ricbookstore.org.

We avail free English essays, we write custom English essays and improve the quality of independently written papers through a revision department.

Where To Get Top Notch English Essays Examples?

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Most English essays examples are developed with the main purpose of teaching students how to do academic writing. Everything that is learnt in theory about academic writing should be reinforced through the use of English essays examples. English essays examples can be viewed as visual aid materials that are used to help students grasp ideas faster.


At ricbookstore.org students can get very good examples that they can use while they are doing their own papers.  By going through perfect work that has been done by experts, a student can learn how to create a higher English essay. With time and practice you will be able to write a higher English essay. Most of the experts also started as novice, but with a lot of experience and hard work, they were gradually able to write a higher English essay.

At ricbookstore.org you will get the help you need to come up with a higher English essay. As you go to higher academic levels, you also need to write a higher English essay. When you are in college, you are expected to come up with a higher English essay in comparison to a freshman in high school.

Examples of English essays help students to realize that it is possible to come up with a perfect academic essay. Most of the time the examples are broken down in to the man sections of the essay so as to explain what is entailed in every stage of developing an essay. At ricbookstore.org you will find the essay examples broken into several parts including:

Depending on the type of essay paper you are writing, the framing of the introduction will differ. However, one factor that remains constant is the fact that all academic essays must have an introduction. It will normally appear at the first part of the essay.

The introduction can be a single paragraph or more depending on the length of your paper. Basically, it should give a general overview of the contents of that essay paper. The introduction should be able to attract the attention of the reader and make them want to read more of what is in the rest of the essay.

As you will realize on ricbookstore.org the main body is made up of the main ideas concerning the subject matter. Normally these are presented in paragraphs or they may be subdivided into sub topics. This is also determined by the length of the paper. If one decides to subdivide the sections using sub topics, mostly each main point will be turned into a subtopic.

Acquire essays that will earn you an A+ grade. The conclusion is the final part of the document. Here, the writer makes remarks based on the discussion in the main body. Sometimes, the writer may declare their stand following the main ideas discussed in the essay.

Without a conclusion your essay paper will always appear incomplete. The conclusion lets that reader know that your essay is coming to an end as opposed to leaving your essay hanging after presenting the final point.