Choosing Great College Essay Topics that Inspire You

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Across the majority of universities in the United States, there is a requirement to submit an essay in the application form.

In the beginning, apply brainstorming – evaluate an important fact or problem. Further discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you or your immediate environment.

  1. Specificity

The most qualitative college essays are extremely specific. That is an essential attribute due to the fact it needs to differ from other written papers. The story itself should be vivid and joyful.

  1. Expresses your traits

The scope of the essays should cover specific interests, hobbies and relationships. It should be a personal description of yourself as a personality, not just as a student. 

  1. The Meaning

Even in the case of a simple topic, there are countless word phrases and word building combinations. The best essays are the ones that focus on personal inner feelings. 

  1. It’s Unique

The more unique the topic, the greater impact it has on the college population. There are thousands of students performing their writing tasks, thus the examiners must be impressed. 

How to write a qualitative college essay? It is necessary to jot down all the details about the preferred topic – for example, names, places, numbers, anecdotes, experiences, etc. 

Identify the main focus and approach to writing a thesis. The important thing is to be able to write about multiple experiences at once. The way you overlap descriptions, events and other key issues are of paramount importance. The essay needs to have a good narrative lead. It has to be structured in the form of the beginning, the middle of the action and the conclusion. Before any writing, make a draft and outline the major goals.

The main goals of the essay are to personalize your self-presentation, show your personality and writing ability and convey your style under lower pressure. 

The essay shows your skills of clear and concise writing on a selected topic and helps you distinguish yourself in your voice. Try to be creative, funny. Be sure to write in the first person only if you want that kind of essay. The following are the most common college topics: How would you describe yourself as a human being? What quality would you most like to see flourish and which would you like to see within? In your opinion, what is the greatest challenge that your generation will face?

Certainly, there are some pieces of advice on how to write an amazing essay. For example, narrow your topic, check your yearbooks, think about future goals, add anecdotes, read some samples and start the draft. At a certain point, consult a teacher or college counselor for their opinion on the essay.  The questions they may answer are: Does the intro make them read more? Is the progression of events and/or ideas clear? Are there places where you could replace certain paragraphs with more specific ones? 

Finally, when the essay is written there is a final step that involves editing, revision and proofreading. It is important to have the correct spelling, grammar, syntax and usage of the grammar.

Writing an Explanatory Essay and Improving Your Grades

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An explanatory essay is an explanation, or expository in the form of an essay paper where your objective as a writer is to explain something to your reader. The main goal of this explanatory essay is to give more confidence to the students when presenting information, facts, statistics, etc.

There are 6 types of explanatory essays:

  1. Definition (explaining a complicated concept),
  2. Cause and effect (describe a situation that occurred as well as its impact),
  3. Compare and contrast (explain the differences and similarities between 2 or more people, situations, concepts etc)
  4. How-to-explain the procedure or process involved in doing something,
  5. Classification (define a broad subject into different parts and explain each one thoroughly),
  6. Problem and solution (analyze and evaluate a particular problem and pose the eventual solution).

It is necessary to validate all of the arguments with facts and examples.

This kind of essay needs to present a neutral description of the preferred topic by providing analysis from research. The academic format for an explanatory essay is the 5-paragraph essay. It needs to have a concise thesis to understand the basics of the topic in a summarized point of view.

Several suggestions may aid in developing an explanatory essay. Before any writing, try to pre-write or brainstorm, research, outline, write and proofread. Additionally, you may add a quote, proverb, or sayings. Add several unusual facts, a question, or a bold opinion. Each paragraph needs to explain only one thing, carefully written and trustworthy.

The explanation essay has 3 parts: introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

  • The introduction should consist of what the writer is planning to explain and why this is your topic. The thesis statement must include certain aspects mentioned in the planning paragraph. It is advised to add a certain structural part in the essay that will reveal other details of these aspects.
  • The body paragraph consists of more than one paragraph. If the thesis statement consists of several aspects, the writer should evaluate each of them in a separate paragraph. In the main body, you have to develop your thoughts with certain evidence. The writer should sound convincing.
  • The conclusion is the paragraph where the writer states the definition of the problem pointed out. The conclusion is a summary of the essay.

When the explanatory essay is written, the final step is to proofread the text. That means the professional online essay proofreader should carefully check your text for grammatical or other types of errors.

Implement the following recommendations such as to perform the right research, develop a clear thesis, understand the meaning of an explanatory essay and the appropriate topic. The outline of an explanatory essay depends on the length of the topic. The information presented needs to be described in detail. The majority of the essay should be a page or two in length with 5 paragraphs overall.

How to Start a Narrative Essay

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‘’Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.’’ William James


A narrative essay is a story that has a specific point. It has the aim to present a lesson or teach us.  This kind of essay is frequently written in the first-person voice, but maybe in third as well. A  a narrative essay has a strong chronological order and verbs to describe vividly 5 senses such as touch, smell, taste, feel and hear.  A narrative essay has a plot, characters, a problem, a climax and often uses a dialogue.

The narrative essay aims to express or share certain information, to entertain, to reveal our most personal feelings and opinions and to present the same to others.  Adjust the language to the type of the audience (classmates, a teacher, community member, etc.). Decide what is the purpose of an essay (providing information or just to tell a story).

There are 5 stages of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing. In the prewriting process, choose a topic of interest and complete the prewriting process.

The thesis statement depends upon the story to be described. The thesis can be something general in the case of a narrative essay.

The brainstorming

Write a thesis statement as for any other type of essay. The thesis depends upon the story to be explained with a certain level of evidence. In the beginning,  brainstorm for a personal story or observation that illustrates or proves the thesis statement. Write an introductory paragraph from the most valuable resources in the literature on the web or books.

At the beginning of the writing process, choose a topic that inspires you or personally relates to you. Brainstorm the essay drafts. From the beginning, organize the introduction paragraph, the body paragraph, and the conclusion.

The introductory paragraph has the aim to provide the answer to the following: What is the basic idea of the story? Where is the story taking place? When is the story taking place? Who is in the story?

The hook is the first sentence of the introductory paragraph and its purpose is to highlight the thesis and grab the reader’s attention. 

The body paragraph is similar to the body of a narrative paragraph. It develops the story in the form of climax, rising action and falling action (pre and post certain events).

The concluding paragraph must summarize the main idea and reflect the thesis.

How to improve the essay

A narrative essay should simply introduce the story. It has a plot, characters, situation and a conclusion. Hence, start a narrative essay with a thesis statement then brainstorm an idea and outline the most impactful online resources. 

In addition, you may insert sayings or quotes to present an idea. Write about the lessons from your personal experience.

To improve the writing process, answer the following: Are the details clear? Or maybe I should add or take out parts? etc.  

Tips And Tricks On Persuasive Essay Topics

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Without an excellent topic in the first place; it will be practically impossible for students to fully express themselves through persuasive easy topics. You can get a list of excellent topics to write on through online sources but how do you go about the body of the essay itself? We shall be let the cat out of the bag on what steps students need to take in other to get it right with their persuasive essay topic.

What Is A Persuasive Essay

This is an essay in which students are expected to present their point of argument in a very strong and convincing manner on any topic using strong facts that are convincing. The topic of choice should be one that a student has a natural flair for if they are to produce something strong and compelling at the end of the day.

Writing Style For Persuasive Essay

The first thing you are expected to do is to choose a topic that you can effectively manage and it should be one that is relevant. With the persuasive topic under rap, it is now the time for the student to choose a definite path of approach to writing the paper. The objective of the essay is to persuade the audience; you are expected to know them so that you will be able to speak in a language that they will easily relate with.

Now, you can carry extensive research into the topic to get the relevant facts on the subject. After getting a list of possible arguments that you can use in your essay; prioritize your points and bring out the ones that will strongly advocate your line of reasoning.  

You are going to have many pieces of evidence before you after your detailed research; it is only the most convincing among the evidence that can be used to back up your points of argument. Students are expected to be engaging in their approach as much as possible. The contents should be very clear and straight to the point.

Is Persuasive Speech And Easy The Same?

It is important to state here that both persuasive essay and speech are tailored towards the same direction. But the audience is different from each other. Persuasive Speech is used in the professional world away from the academic world. A good example of this is a paper to investors with the sole objective of persuading them to invest in a particular project.

Though the goal of the two is the same; the style of writing is different from each other. The tone of voice; steps in the writing as well as the techniques used in writing can be different from one author to the other.

When you are about deciding on any topic; make sure you can get the materials needed to bring out your points of arguments online. When you are sure of this; you can then proceed with the choice of it as your persuasive essay topic.

The Components Of A Persuasive Essay Topic

There are three major divisions here. First, you have to introduce your topic to your audience. After that; you are to move on to the body of the essay. A bright persuasive essay must have a convincing conclusion.

Final Take

Students will have their way with persuasive essays if the tips above are put into use.

Get The Analysis Of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Here

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Talking about Rhetorical Analysis Essay, it comes up in AP exams. It is the type of essay where the author is expected to take a look at a topic with a deep lens and come up with a strategy of using the power of persuasion in the most effective way to persuade the audience. Authors are expected to create a text that is highly informative by ripping apart the words and phrases that the writer encountered in other to get positive feedback from the audience. An excellent example can be drawn from public speeches delivered in public functions.

Basic Questions For The Essay

Some basic questions needed to be answered by students that want to get the best of this mode of test. Who is the author and what is the target goal? What is the target audience and what can you make of the content of the message? Is there any correlation between content and form? What can you tell about the relationship between communication and the culture that developed it? The above are questions to be asked.

Expected Standards From The Essay

  • It should be free from grammatical errors
  • The language must be concise and clear
  • The tense should appear in the present tense
  • Language must be coherent and be in consonance with the original article or text.

How Do You Get Started?

Much has been said about the preambles to this type of essay; now, how can you effectively begin this essay? The objective as with other forms of writing is to arrest the interest of your audience right from the onset. You must start with a hook sentence. This sentence must correspond with the tone of your paper as well as the audience in other to create a seamless line of flow. You can now go on to choose your position after which you must think about your analysis. Students are expected to choose a strategy of their choice that will help enhance their goal in the essay.

An Outline Of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Getting the outline of the essay is an essential ingredient that will help deliver the results that call for cheer. The following outline is mandatory:

  • Information Gathering: This is the first step and it involves the following – identifying your writing style; choice of core audience and examination of the appeals. Those points are a must and they form the foundation for an effective essay.
  • Your Introduction Paragraph: Here, you have to sell the summary of what the essay is all about and it must be done in a way that will hook the audience. It should be a perfect mirror of the essay.
  • The Body Paragraph: Students are expected to put together their line of arguments. There are several such arguments that can be gotten online. 
  • Analysis And Conclusion: The goal here is to end powerfully by bringing together tenses that will act as a powerful call to action. 

Final Take

What every student needed to get the best out of Rhetorical Analysis Essay is given above. Following the tips will deliver the expected results for every student.

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

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Many students find it hard to successfully write compelling essays. One of the biggest challenges that learners face when writing articles is deciding on an appropriate topic. Coming up with a strong title is crucial because it’s what determines how you’ll go about writing the article. Although this task may seem quite daunting at first, you can use several strategies to discover what title works best for your writing style.

Learning how to write an argumentative essay is a very important skill for students. The purpose of these articles is to show the reader your point of view concerning a specific issue. Besides helping students develop various crucial abilities, argumentative essays also aid in learning more about a certain subject matter. This is because writing these compositions requires extensive research on the topic being discussed.

Choosing an Appropriate Argumentative Essay Topic

Argumentative essay topics can be tricky to choose; ideally, the topic you select should be both extensive and interesting enough to capture the attention of a reader. Here are a few things you should consider when looking for the right topic for your essay.


Since you’ll be doing a lot of research, make sure you choose a topic that can thrill you and your audience. In addition, writing on a subject that you’re passionate about will make the process a lot more fun and exciting.


Another important factor to consider is your understanding of the topic you wish to write about. Typically, you wouldn’t be able to write a good essay about an issue you don’t understand. The more you comprehend the topic, the easier it’ll be for you to write the essay.


The best argumentative essay themes are the ones that are controversial. If there are no disputes and everybody concurs with everything, then it won’t be acknowledged as an argumentative essay. For this reason, make sure you choose a topic that is debatable.

Conduct Thorough Research

Another important thing to put emphasis on is research. You can go to the library and look for books that focus on your topic or look for some information from trusted sites on the internet. Gathering information and proof that supports your argument will strengthen your paper.

Possible Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are a few topic ideas that you can use in your composition.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  • Do you think college tuition fees are expensive?
  • Should beauty magazines put a stop to Photoshopping models?
  • Do you think life is incomplete without faith?
  • Is getting a college degree worth it?
  • Should parents be permitted to discipline their children?
  • How can the use of guns be controlled in the United States?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  • Do you think hard work is enough for one to become successful?
  • Should minors be allowed to have a tattoo?
  • Do you think there’s life after death?
  • Why do teenagers idolize superstars?
  • Do you think tests are beneficial to students?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

  • Do you think artificial intelligence will replace doctors?
  • Should programming be taught from middle school?
  • Do you think technology has made people lazy?
  • Do you think phones are dangerous to the human race?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Media

  • Should Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook be banned?
  • Is it true that social media has increased employment opportunities?
  • Can someone earn money from YouTube?
  • Has social media demolished real-life communication?

Argumentative Essay On Sports 

  • Should sports betting be made illegal?
  • Is cheerleading a sport? 
  • Do schools spend a lot of money on sports?


Argumentative essays are undoubtedly an important tool for learning, thus having the right idea on how to go about writing them is extremely crucial. Always remember that exceptional argumentative essays touch on both sides of an issue. The information presented above can help you create amazing articles that’ll truly dazzle your readers.

Tips On Getting A Free Sample Of A Personal Narrative Essay

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Free access to valuable material pertaining to the academic syllabus is usually quite pricey but this can be avoided if you know where to look. Essays especially would be in high abundance simply because the demand for literary solutions are growing steadily everyday. As a student or academically interested individual you should understand that there is no wrong method of preparing a successful paper for grading unless you actions violate preexisting laws. Nonetheless, if you deem it necessary to attain free personal narrative sample pieces you should try to gather a substantial amount in order to maximize this option.

Try some of these options I have placed in the list following these introductory paragraphs and experience your stress levels decrease while gathering free education wherever you find it. Although I put together the list the ideals and concepts are not my own, I just share that view also. Be sure to practice these methods in order to sharpen your skill level because there are many students who fail to maintain a focused head when it comes to their academic trials.

  1. Investigate the freelance industry for resources.
  2. This industry has been saturated by competition for many years and this is great news for the patron because now they have an almost fixed price of any given arrangement of assistance.

  3. Have your study group help you gather relevant narrative essay samples.
  4. Bringing these narrative essays to your study group usually results in you getting a better understanding of the coursework and the expert enhancements made to your assignment. These are the actions that make for a great student so practice these techniques.

  5. Make use of your textbooks and other pertinent publications you may own.
  6. The availability of these such textbooks are quite high seeing that you can get them from libraries, bookstores and basically any higher student than you currently if they so choose to give or sell you the book.

  7. Sift through the many online forums maintained by students like you.
  8. These forums are littered with very pertinent information and general solutions that just may pertain to your exact academic issue. The high probability of you finding valuable data on these online forums are as a result of the type of patrons the forum attracts.

  9. Seek the counsel of any academically successful family member.
  10. If you are a singly child and live far from other family members you are excused from this option but if your life does not fall into this category there is no reason for you to approach a family member for academic direction.

Coming Up With Impressive Titles For Compare And Contrast Essays

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Writing essays regarding the relative similarity between topics considered to be different is a great challenge for the budding writer. In selecting topics, these tips should be kept in mind:

  • Get started on time
  • Brainstorming for ideas can be a more lengthy process than you think. If you dive into it without budgeting enough time you will end up eating into time that should have been left over for the actual writing process.

  • Get help if you need it
  • Help comes in different forms. If you have writer’s block you can ask other people in the same class as you to brainstorm topics with you. They may help you to come up with ideas that would have been invisible from your own perspective alone. If you have no friends or they are unable to help you, considering speaking with a tutor or hiring someone to brainstorm with you. There are many online options to help with this.

  • What topics are trending
  • There is always a news story that captures the public’s attention and holds it for a while. This was easier when mass media and social media were not as evolved but it still happens today. Use that characteristic of the public consciousnesses to propel your own writing further.

Having followed those tips, you probably would have come up with a list similar to the one given below:

  1. Compare the lives of people in the arts with those of people who are more conventionally employed.
  2. How does the modern education system differ from the one developed by the Ancient Romans and Greeks?
  3. How does extremist atheism differ from extreme religiosity?
  4. Compare cat ownership with dog ownership.
  5. Draft a comparison between the ideals of Eastern and Western societies.
  6. What similarities exist between capitalism and communism?
  7. Can Donald Trump be compared to Adolf Hitler or Mussolini?
  8. Does the discovery of health benefits of cannabis have similarities with the life saving potential of penicillin?
  9. How does the oppression of men by the patriarchy match up with the more obvious oppression and suppression of women?
  10. How have the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela been lived along similar paths?
  11. Compare our current understanding of reality with the suggestion that we exist within a huge simulation.
  12. What difference exists between abortion and murder?

These topics can be used as practice to ensure that you progress regularly. If you’re not sure you can handle your project, learn how to get a paper for money.

The Best Way To Go When You’re Puzzled With Persuasive Essay Writing

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Persuasion…How does one persuade others to the point they are trying to get across? Well it’s not easy everyone has their own opinion and everyone has the right either accept or ignore that point. Now it is your job to make them agree to your point and to do that this is where you need to hone your skills of persuasion comes to play. Here are some tips to get your essay on the right track.

  • Info 1: Research
  • Before you can persuade anyone with your essay you first need to do research. This is the very core of this task; you need to be knowledgeable of what you are writing about, because if you have no clue to what you are doing you won’t be convincing anyone on the subject that you are trying to get across. This is a scenario where knowledge is power, and it will get your point through them.

  • Info 2: Make it interesting
  • Making your topic interesting is the canvas of your work you need to capture the details in such a way that it will have the targeted audience’s attention. This is the second key essential in writing a successful paper, having the targeted audience’s undivided attention will ensure that they will take in what you are saying, and it will be read thoroughly, and it will be registered as something that they will agree with.

  • Info 3: Simple, Direct and Substantial
  • When making your essay be sure to know who your target audience is, for the everyday Joe it will be best to use simplified words to keep their attention on what they are reading, as big words might perplex them and immediately loose interest on the subject. For the higher ups like professors, teachers, and thesis panels use words that apply to the field of the thesis being produced use words that are direct to the point avoid beating around the bush as it will only achieve in losing your audience.

  • Info 4: Be Honest
  • This is the most crucial tip of all! Make sure that all details that you have placed in your paper are factual and accurate. There is always a chance that there will be someone who knows the details of your work and will immediately know if you have added false information, which would be harmful to your reputation as well as would damage your credibility in writing future works.

And there you go! Here are the tips that will get your point across. Just remember to stick to the facts and you will be good to go. Remember: Be confident in your abilities and always stick to the facts and data that you have gathered and you will do fine in your endeavor.

8 Fundamental Guidelines For Composing An Argumentative Essay

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When you are given an argumentative essay as part of your homework, you may not even understand the term what an argumentative essay or thesis is all about:

An argumentative dissertation only stands out of the pile of dissertations written, when the freelance topic was chosen is relevant to the subject or today’s world. Here are some guidelines for writing freelance argumentative essays:

  1. It should be written such that the writing style should have an easy flow to it, and the points should be conveyed in a very seamless manner. It should not appear choppy or segmented.
  2. The dissertation topic should be worthy of an argument. If it is a directive or if it is too vague or even if it is black and white, it will not be logical to discuss the topic even.
  3. Both points of view should be well expressed. Even if the writer is biased to one point of view, still the other viewpoint needs to be explained and reasoned out.
  4. In case the writer is not able to present both sides with equal points, the side that is favored should be so mentioned with reasons and logic to support the viewpoint. The points should be short and should not beat around the bush.
  5. The proactive and crucial points should be well emphasized. Dynamic segments should be asserted and not only the theoretical aspects. People identify better with a practical approach rather than a theoretical one.
  6. There should be a firm conclusion so that the reader is not left feeling empty and cheated. The thesis should not end with an assumption, or it should not end with a supposition.
  7. There should be solutions offered for both sides of the argument. These solutions add energy to the system and make the thesis easier to identify with and more readable as well.
  8. The best argumentative essays can only be written if you are passionate about the topic and the subject as well as are knowledgeable and have researched as well as done your homework with regards both sides of the coin.

With passion as well as enthusiasm, it is only the depth of the research which adds credibility to the dissertation, and that is one of the major requirements in order to write an article worthy of getting the best grade in the class and probably for the entire term.