Coming Up With Impressive Titles For Compare And Contrast Essays

Coming Up With Impressive Titles For Compare And Contrast Essays

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Writing essays regarding the relative similarity between topics considered to be different is a great challenge for the budding writer. In selecting topics, these tips should be kept in mind:

  • Get started on time
  • Brainstorming for ideas can be a more lengthy process than you think. If you dive into it without budgeting enough time you will end up eating into time that should have been left over for the actual writing process.

  • Get help if you need it
  • Help comes in different forms. If you have writer’s block you can ask other people in the same class as you to brainstorm topics with you. They may help you to come up with ideas that would have been invisible from your own perspective alone. If you have no friends or they are unable to help you, considering speaking with a tutor or hiring someone to brainstorm with you. There are many online options to help with this.

  • What topics are trending
  • There is always a news story that captures the public’s attention and holds it for a while. This was easier when mass media and social media were not as evolved but it still happens today. Use that characteristic of the public consciousnesses to propel your own writing further.

Having followed those tips, you probably would have come up with a list similar to the one given below:

  1. Compare the lives of people in the arts with those of people who are more conventionally employed.
  2. How does the modern education system differ from the one developed by the Ancient Romans and Greeks?
  3. How does extremist atheism differ from extreme religiosity?
  4. Compare cat ownership with dog ownership.
  5. Draft a comparison between the ideals of Eastern and Western societies.
  6. What similarities exist between capitalism and communism?
  7. Can Donald Trump be compared to Adolf Hitler or Mussolini?
  8. Does the discovery of health benefits of cannabis have similarities with the life saving potential of penicillin?
  9. How does the oppression of men by the patriarchy match up with the more obvious oppression and suppression of women?
  10. How have the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela been lived along similar paths?
  11. Compare our current understanding of reality with the suggestion that we exist within a huge simulation.
  12. What difference exists between abortion and murder?

These topics can be used as practice to ensure that you progress regularly. If you’re not sure you can handle your project, learn how to get a paper for money.