Basic Hints On English Essay Format

Basic Hints On English Essay Format

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King Hamlet, the king of Denmark, is murdered by his brother Claudius. His son Prince Hamlet returns home to a rude shock; his father murdered, and his mother married to the murder! The play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, is based on a story of revenge. English essays are short literary composition discussing a subject or theme. English essays focus on written works especially those considered of superior and lasting merit like William Shakespeare.  They analyze, interpret and discuss great works of literature.


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The English essay format

A perfect English essay format includes; a topic, introduction, body, and conclusion. We are going to discuss each of them. Nevertheless, it is astute to solicit exceptional examples of essays in English at for a better comprehension on English essay formats.

The topic

A perfect English essay format starts with a great topic. Great English essay topics are interesting, relevant, and of impact to the target audience. They are attention grabbers.

The introduction

The English essay introduction establishes a few primary objectives. It aims at explaining the context of the essay. As such, it enlightens the reader on what to expect in the essay. It establishes the scope by answering the 5ws who, what, where, when, why, and How. Do not include definitions in the introduction unless they are absolutely essential.

The body paragraphs

Great body paragraphs for English essays come in three main sections; the main point, the support, and the transitions.  Each paragraph should be focused on discussing one primary point exclusively. The main points are the controlling ideas for the overall essay.  They are introduced in the topic sentence. Next, the support section entails the largest part of the paragraph. It gives supportive information such as explanations, examples and evidence. It is characterized by published opinions facts, findings from research, and published cases studies among others. Citation is consequently significant. Finally, the transitions enhance connections between paragraphs and within the paragraph. Their sole mandate is maintaining momentum. For a better comprehension on the same, implement examples of essays in English from

The conclusion The conclusion summarizes the entire essay. It does not introduce new ideas.

English essay format tips

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