Do You Need Essay Writer?

Do You Need Essay Writer?

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Essay writing is one of the most challenging assignments given to high school, college, undergraduates, masters and PhD students. It’s a hard task to pursue especially if you are not a writing fan.


Due to lack of skills and time, most students decide to hire essay writers hoping to get perfect results. There are so many essay writing companies in the world today. Before selecting an essay writer, you need to consider the quality of services they offer. Many students are easily wooed by cheap offers; as a result, they end up with poor quality papers. Bad choice of essay writing company can cost your grades.

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Essay writing

Essay is an analyzed or interpreted piece of writing about a particular topic written from a personal point of view.

Categories of essays

  • Descriptive or explanatory essays

You describe or explain a subject to the reader. Topic background information is so important.

  • Persuasive or Argumentative essay

You claim a point and convince the reader that it’s logical by backing it up with evidence.

You are required to explain the cause and effect of something.

Give differences and similarities of two things.

Essay structure

An essay structure has introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduce the topic to the reader. Always start with a thesis statement.

This is the largest portion of essay paper. Explain your points in paragraphs, starting each paragraph with a topic sentence.

Give summary of the introduction and body. Conclude with your own opinion.

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The following steps are important when writing an essay.

  1. Choose topic
  2. Determine essay category
  3. Gathering data
  4. Plan your essay

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