English 101 Essays

Learning the basics of academic writing will help you to write your English 101 essays better. English 101 essays are easy and even fun to write. However when one is not familiar with the requirements of academic writing, they will not produce good English 101 essays. It is expected that at some point in their lives, every student will be expected to come up with several English 101 essays. English 101 essays assignments are designed to improve as well as gauge the writing skills of students. When writing English 101 essays students also learn the basics about how to present their ideas logically. Use


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When writing your English essay, there are several things that you will need to consider to ensure that it is of the highest academic standards. At ricbookstore.org students can get tips on how to come up with a highly academic essay. Here are some of the guidelines to coming up with a good essay.

Excellent writing skills

When writing an academic paper, there are some mistakes that cannot be allowed. Grammatical, spelling and even punctuation mistakes normally make the essay to be of low academic standards. Making such mistakes can cause distortion of meaning within the essay. It is require that the writer practices high levels of keenness to ensure that their work is written perfectly.

Academic writing style

There are a variety of academic writing styles that you can apply in your essay including MLA, APA, and Harvard and so on. It is important to inquire from your supervisor the best style to use. The academic writing style that you select will dictate a lot of things about your essay including the outline and the referencing style. At ricbookstore.org you can learn more about this.

The subject matter

The subject of your topic will determine the topic of your essay. It is advisable to read widely and select an area of interest. Writing about something that genuinely interests you will help you write a good paper. Your enthusiasm and passion will shine through your essay. You will be able to enjoy the research process of gathering important information. Although sometimes the topic or the context of your subject matter is already defined for you, you can find ways to frame the topic to make it as interesting as possible. If I ever need my essay written, I go to My Essay Geek.