Writing an Explanatory Essay and Improving Your Grades

Writing an Explanatory Essay and Improving Your Grades

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An explanatory essay is an explanation, or expository in the form of an essay paper where your objective as a writer is to explain something to your reader. The main goal of this explanatory essay is to give more confidence to the students when presenting information, facts, statistics, etc.

There are 6 types of explanatory essays:

  1. Definition (explaining a complicated concept),
  2. Cause and effect (describe a situation that occurred as well as its impact),
  3. Compare and contrast (explain the differences and similarities between 2 or more people, situations, concepts etc)
  4. How-to-explain the procedure or process involved in doing something,
  5. Classification (define a broad subject into different parts and explain each one thoroughly),
  6. Problem and solution (analyze and evaluate a particular problem and pose the eventual solution).

It is necessary to validate all of the arguments with facts and examples.

This kind of essay needs to present a neutral description of the preferred topic by providing analysis from research. The academic format for an explanatory essay is the 5-paragraph essay. It needs to have a concise thesis to understand the basics of the topic in a summarized point of view.

Several suggestions may aid in developing an explanatory essay. Before any writing, try to pre-write or brainstorm, research, outline, write and proofread. Additionally, you may add a quote, proverb, or sayings. Add several unusual facts, a question, or a bold opinion. Each paragraph needs to explain only one thing, carefully written and trustworthy.

The explanation essay has 3 parts: introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

  • The introduction should consist of what the writer is planning to explain and why this is your topic. The thesis statement must include certain aspects mentioned in the planning paragraph. It is advised to add a certain structural part in the essay that will reveal other details of these aspects.
  • The body paragraph consists of more than one paragraph. If the thesis statement consists of several aspects, the writer should evaluate each of them in a separate paragraph. In the main body, you have to develop your thoughts with certain evidence. The writer should sound convincing.
  • The conclusion is the paragraph where the writer states the definition of the problem pointed out. The conclusion is a summary of the essay.

When the explanatory essay is written, the final step is to proofread the text. That means the professional online essay proofreader should carefully check your text for grammatical or other types of errors.

Implement the following recommendations such as to perform the right research, develop a clear thesis, understand the meaning of an explanatory essay and the appropriate topic. The outline of an explanatory essay depends on the length of the topic. The information presented needs to be described in detail. The majority of the essay should be a page or two in length with 5 paragraphs overall.